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One organ donor can save eight lives. One tissue donor can improve the lives of over 100 people. You have the power to save, and it starts with a simple "yes." Anyone over the age of 16 can register as a donor regardless of their age, health, or lifestyle. 

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We all want to make a difference. There's no easier way to become a hero than by saying "yes" to organ, tissue and eye donation.

120,000 people need your help right now. They're waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Some will wait months and even years. Some will never get the help they need. By registering to become an organ, tissue and eye donor, you commit to doing your part to end the transplant waiting list and leaving a legacy of generosity and love.

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Real Stories of Hope and Healing

Every year donation affects thousands of lives. Donors become heroes as grateful recipients begin anew. See the stories of donor families and recipients who have been impacted by the greatest gift of all. 

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