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Donation Suitability


Cadaveric donation for transplantation can be broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Organ Donation
  2. Tissue Donation
  3. Eye Donation
  Organ Donation Tissue Donation Eye Donation
What can be recovered for transplantation currently? Heart
Small Intestine

Long bones of the arms
Long bones of the legs
Connective tissue
Saphenous veins
Heart for valves

Whole Globe
Recovery time parameters Recovery must occur within minutes of patient death Recovery must occur within 15 hours of patient death for non-cooled patients; 24 hours if the body is cooled within 12 hours of patient death Varies case to case, but in general within 15 hours of patient death
Are there age restrictions? No Yes, age restrictions vary over time and depend on the tissue to be recovered Yes, age restrictions vary over time
Are there medical considerations? There are very few medical restrictions Many medical restrictions exist Restrictions exist, but are not as many as with tissue donation
Other requirements Patient must be ventilated and have a heart beat at referral Weight and gestational age may play a factor in the recovery of tissue N/A

Practice Parameters

  • Communication between hospital and recovery staff is vital in ensuring that the gift of donation can be realized.
  • NORS staff are responsible for determining medical suitability of patients for organ and tissue donation.
    • Representatives of the Nebraska Lion’s Eye Bank and Iowa Lion's Eye Bank determine eye donation suitability.

Recommendations for Successful Practice

  • Annual hospital staff education on donation suitability parameters to aid in the identification of potential donors and ensure understanding of processes.