Donation Process & Body Model

Donation Process

  1. An imminent death is recognized in the hospital; NORS is contacted.
  2. The potential donor is evaluated to determine suitability for donation.
  3. Death of an individual is declared by a licensed physician who is not a member of the organ procurement staff.
  4. Consent for donation is obtained either through the family or with a legally binding document such as the donor registry, driver’s license or donor card.
  5. A transplant recipient is identified from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Ranking is dependent upon match, need, and waiting time.
  6. The organs are recovered in a hospital operating room.
  7. Donated organs are transferred to the transplant hospital(s) where the patient(s) is/are identified.

Body Model

Organ and tissue donation occurs only after all life saving efforts have been exhausted, and death has been legally declared.