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Organ Donation Community to Say Thanks with Random Acts of Kindness

Every year, thousands of lives are saved by kindness.

That kindness comes from organ donors—strangers who check a box on their driver's license application, committing to giving a part of their body to help someone in need after their own death. From a family letting go of a loved one, determined to turn a tragic situation into something good. That… Read More

Love, Loss and Miracles Aboard the Oosterdam

Kris Heckman shares this story of her daughter Micah for National Donor Sabbath, a yearly celebration dedicated to people of faith promoting organ and tissue donation.


This story is about my precious daughter, Micah Danielle. Micah was unique from the day she was born. She had a sweet yet silly personality growing up which made us all laugh. As… Read More

Graves Family will Honor Late Son by Supporting Transplant Families & Promoting Donation

Like the donor families Nebraska Organ Recovery serves, Matt and Melissa Graves are turning their tragedy into an opportunity to positively impact others.

Following the death of their son while on vacation in Florida, the Graveses embarked on a mission to honor Lane.

The Lane Thomas Foundation was… Read More

The Bryan Clauson Chasing 200 Tour Continues with a New Goal of Saving Lives

Bryan Clauson started 2016 in pursuit of an unprecedented goal—to run a schedule consisting of 200 races. Although Bryan died August 7th following an accident at the Belleville High Banks, “The Chasing 200 Tour: Circular Insanity,” continues.  As a registered organ and tissue donor, Bryan went on to save five lives and will help heal dozens more who suffer from… Read More

Donation 101: Educating High School Students on What it Means to Be an Organ Donor

Do you wish to be an organ and tissue donor?  __Yes  __No

The question is standard on every driver’s license application in Nebraska. Most adults have probably seen a news story about organ donation or perhaps even know someone who has had a transplant. But what about a16-year-old?

Individuals age 16-19 have one of the lowest registration rates of all… Read More

Nebraska Organ Recovery to “Celebrate the Gift” with Holiday Open Houses in Honor of Organ & Tissue

Nebraska Organ Recovery, along with partner hospitals throughout Nebraska, will celebrate Nebraska’s organ and tissue donors during five open houses this holiday season.

“The holiday season can be such a difficult time for families who have lost a loved one,” said Heather Hamilton, Family Support Manager at Nebraska Organ Recovery. “We want to honor the gifts these donors have given,… Read More

15 Ways to Talk to Your Family About Organ Donation

We get it. Talking about dying is tough, and many of us do what we can to avoid the subject.

But sharing your wishes to become an organ, tissue and eye donor with your family is important. Really important.

In Nebraska, joining the Donor Registry means you’ve provided first-person consent to become a donor and no additional… Read More

New Legislation Aims to Clarify Question on Driver’s License Application about Organ Donation

On Wednesday the Nebraska Legislature passed LB47, a bill that will amend the wording on the driver’s license application and retain the individual’s donor designation even if their license expires.

Previously, when applying for a license, applicants were asked “Do you wish to be an organ and tissue donor?” Now, the question will read “Do you wish to include your… Read More

New Record for Organ Donation in Nebraska Achieved in 2015

2015 was a record-breaking year for organ donation in Nebraska. 265 organs were transplanted from 78 donors.

Donation has increased significantly in the state over the past few years. By comparison, in 2012 there were 40 donors with 120 organs transplanted.

The Donor Registry of Nebraska also experienced record growth last year, nearing 800,000 Nebraskans registered as… Read More

Strangers Make Trip to Tournament of Roses Parade Possible for Organ Donor Family

Their alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. Tuesday. Phil and Tracy Robertson got out of bed that morning expecting to go to sleep that night in sunny California. Mother Nature had other plans for them.

The Robertsons were scheduled to travel from Omaha to Los Angeles to participate in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade. The Donate Life… Read More

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