Donation 101: Educating High School Students on What it Means to Be an Organ Donor

Do you wish to be an organ and tissue donor?  __Yes  __No

The question is standard on every driver’s license application in Nebraska. Most adults have probably seen a news story about organ donation or perhaps even know someone who has had a transplant. But what about a16-year-old?

Individuals age 16-19 have one of the lowest registration rates of all age groups in Nebraska. Many teenagers applying for their first driver’s license have little to no information about donation and what it means to check “Yes” or “No.” Nebraska Organ Recovery is teaming up with high schools across Nebraska to help students make an informed decision.


Over the past three years, thousands of Nebraska students have been educated about donation from the convenience of their classroom. Students are taught the difference between organ and tissue donation and how the donation process works, as well as the urgent need for donors in America. In addition, myths about donation that are often perpetuated in TV and movies are cleared up.

The interactive presentation is often given in classes like Anatomy and Physiology, Human Development and Driver’s Education, but can be adapted to fit any classroom setting or assembly, and range from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

A Marian High School teacher said the presentation to her students was very useful, quoting “the presenter built rapport with the students and provided them with life-long information. We can’t wait to have him back!”


To schedule a presentation for your high school or activity involving high school students, contact Tom Neal at or 402-733-1800.

Posted: September 16, 2016

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