Grandkids Continue Family Tradition through Annual Pumpkin Sale

The tradition started 6 years ago.

Randy Shelden grew pumpkins and gourds in the field behind his York home. When the crop reached the right size and turned vibrant shades of orange, green and golden, the Sheldens summoned their grandkids for the annual pumpkin sale. 

The grandchildren who were old enough all participated in the harvest and helped prepare for the sale. When the work was done, the money earned would be used to seed their college funds.

In November 2015, Randy passed away following a brain injury sustained when he fell down stairs helping a friend move a piece of furniture. His family chose to continue Randy's giving spirit and donated his organs and corneas. Randy saved the lives of four different individuals and restored sight to two others.

Fast forward to September 30, 2017. 

Randy’s wife Barb and the Shelden grandkids, Emery, Effie, Shelden, Lucy, Paul and Will continue the Shelden family pumpkin tradition. They've once again gathered for the annual pumpkin sale (their cousin Henzie cheered them on from Colorado.) But this year, the money earned would be for their grandpa, given to Nebraska Organ Recovery in his honor. 

"You guys [Nebraska Organ Recovery] helped us try to get our grandpa back, and it was really awesome," said Shelden.

The fruits of the Shelden family's labor netted $1000 in sale proceeds and donations, which three of the grandkids proudly delivered to Nebraska Organ Recovery.

It's apparent that Randy's traditions, whether gardening or giving, will continue well into the future.

"It was his garden," shared Emery. "We did it with him. Now we're doing it for him."

Posted: October 26, 2017

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