Landon Palmer to be Featured in Floragraph on Rose Parade Float

Landon Palmer's life was short. But the impact he made on others will live on indefinitely.

Just a week old, Landon's parents Amanda and Chris were relishing snuggling and loving on their newborn when Landon experienced sudden cardiac arrest at home. After being revived, Landon suffered additional arrests resulting in severe brain damage. Landon passed away in October 2015, just eight days old. Amanda and Chris decided to share the gift of life with others.

"We knew we were losing our son, but didn't want any other parent to have to go through what we were," said Amanda. "The only thing we could think was organ donation could help another family avoid this moment and a part of Landon would live on."

Landon's liver was recovered as part of a research project to help children with liver disease. Healthy cells from Landon's liver were transplanted into two other children's diseased livers in order to encourage their own livers to develop new, healthy cells. Additional cells from Landon were used for further research.

Knowing their son helped others has been a source of comfort for Amanda and Chris.

"In his short time on our Earth, he made his way into many hearts and lives. He also taught us so much about love not only for us but others as well...As a family, we are extremely grateful to be able to continue living his legacy through this journey."

The Ride of a Lifetime

As millions of Americans tune into the 2018 Rose Parade, an image of Landon made completely of seeds and other organic materials—called a floragraph—will be featured beside 43 other donors as part of the Donate Life Rose Parade float. 

The floragraph, which started as a photo of Landon, was created by volunteer artist Tania Llavaneras in California. A portion of the floragraph was left unfinished and shipped to Nebraska for Chris and Amanda to finalize. 

California Bound

The 2018 Rose Parade takes place in Pasadena, California on January 1, 2018, at 10 a.m. CST.  The parade is broadcast live by several networks/stations

Amanda and Chris Palmer will attend the parade and other events in honor of organ, tissue, and eye donors as special guests of Promethera Biosciences

Posted: December 13, 2017

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