Organ Donation Community to Say Thanks with Random Acts of Kindness

Every year, thousands of lives are saved by kindness.

That kindness comes from organ donors—strangers who check a box on their driver's license application, committing to giving a part of their body to help someone in need after their own death. From a family letting go of a loved one, determined to turn a tragic situation into something good. That kindness can also come from a friend, family member, or even a stranger, who agrees to give their spare kidney or part of their liver to someone in need of a transplant now.

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. In celebration of the kindness they’ve received, transplant recipients in Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney and Cozad, along with the employees of Nebraska Organ Recovery, will give back by performing random acts of kindness.

The recipients participating are:

  • Gary Golter, Hastings – kidney recipient
  • Jude Grace (and parents), Omaha – double lung recipient
  • Joan Hopkins, Grand Island – double lung recipient
  • Anna Korte, Grand Island – heart recipient
  • Laney Ledbetter (and parents), Lincoln – will need a liver transplant in the future
  • Dale Reicks, Cozad – pancreas and kidney recipient
  • Tammy Smedra, Kearney – pancreas and kidney recipient
  • Scott Stanley, Lincoln – heart recipient

"Our #countonkindness campaign is a way to demonstrate the kindness and generosity of organ, tissue and eye donors," said Kara Cordell, Marketing Coordinator for Nebraska Organ Recovery. "Transplant recipients, and those of us that work in donation every day, know there is simply nothing nicer you can do for someone else than giving them a second chance at life. By getting out in our communities and buying coffee for a stranger or carrying someone's groceries to their car, we have the opportunity to talk about donation and let people know that registering to be a donor is the easiest way you can help others."

The #countonkindess campaign also kicks off Nebraska Organ Recovery's 40th anniversary celebration. "We're excited to say thanks to Nebraska's donors by giving back through random acts of kindness," said Kyle Herber, President and CEO of Nebraska Organ Recovery. Each employee will receive $40 to give back to the community through acts of kindness. "We’re looking forward to seeing how creative our employees get with their money and hope that our simple message of kindness will encourage others to reciprocate and register to be donors.”

To learn more about the campaign, or to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor, visit

Posted: February 10, 2017

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